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Just Published Again !!

You can see my art in the August 2019 edition of Somerset Magazine. 

About Me



Welcome! My name is Lynn Parise and I'm a mixed media artist. Having always been passionate about different forms of artistic expression, be it pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic paint, different textured papers and even fabric, mixed media allowed me to combine all of these interests.  In the past few years I have become enamored with collage work and layering my art pieces on different types of backgrounds. I love the sound and feel of different papers between my fingers and the way paints

can be applied on your substrate.  I love working with collage layers because its so intriguing to try and make out what the layers below are trying to say to you. The main reason I love it is that nothing is wrong, its all just what the artist is trying to say while using few or no words , just visuals with lots of colors and textures. It lifts my spirit higher and I feel totally free every time I work in my studio. 

  Thank you for stopping in and please bear with me as I build my website and exhibit my creations for your enjoyment.   You will also have the opportunity to purchase my one of a kind creations if you are moved to do so.  Please bookmark my site and stop by from time to time to watch it develop.  More to come soon.

Love, Lynn

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I enjoy getting to know other artists and those that enjoy my work.  Please feel free to contact me at lynnparisestudios@gmail.com

Published Art Work



 You can view some of my creations in the Winter 2019 edition of

 Art Journaling Magazine

My work is featured in this edition and you  can purchase this issue at:


The article is titled "My Awakening" and begins on page 50.